5 Cheapest Energy Sources

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This Guide is about  cheapest energy source. In economically struggling world that we live in today, we have to come up with possible cheapest energy sources to meet need of our energy crisis. We have researched and listed top 5 cheapest possible sources of energy in this Guide.

What Is Cheapest Sources of Energy

Energy crisis is one of the biggest issues in world today. Every country is struggling to meet the needs in their energy sector.  Sometimes, just to fulfill the energy requirements , numerous sources are used, resources which may not be healthy for environment or way too costly.

Sources to generate energy are not limited, but problem is, some of them are harmful for environment while others are not feasible financially. To produce energy two main types of sources are used, renewable and non-renewable. We are presenting you top 5 cheapest energy sources which are worth considering. But, let’s briefly read about renewable and non renewable energy sources before going any further.

Renewable energy:

This is an energy type that is generated by using natural resources, which are available in almost all part of the world. Natural resources are used for this type including wind, tides, sunlight, heat, rain etc. All these are used today to produce electricity on large scales. And what makes it renewable energy source, is that we can use these resources over and over again. According to survey it was found that almost 16% of total worlds energy comes from these sources of energy.

Non-renewable energy:

This type of energy is generated from those natural resources which can produce energy for once only, after it we cannot use them to regenerate energy that’s why they  are called non-renewable energy. Resources used to generate energy by these non-renewable energy sources have no future, as we are not able to generate or re-grow those natural elements. Secondly each of sources have byproduct after used once. And these by products are not environmentally friendly. Now, here is the list of 5 top cheapest sources of energy according to us. But at the same time, all these energy sources have dark side along with it. Let’s read and find out which one you think is more suitable.

Cheapest source of energy

5 cheapest sources of energy

1.       Solar Energy: If we look back, we will find that in last few decades, due to technological advancements solar plants are becoming important factor of interest for all in energy sector. Reason of popularity of solar panels is its usability and easy to made and handle features. At first these solar panels were designed especially for offices, satellites, vehicles, warehouses and building etc. but today they are providing electricity at cheaper rates than any other type of renewable or  non-renewable energy in every sector of life. To generate power through solar panels, sun’s energy is used. Its heat is captured directly through panels of cells and then cells convert light into electricity. One of the factors for which solar energy cannot be completely adopted for home uses and industrial place is its affordability. Solar panels are join together to get some kind of energy out of it. The more solar panels are combined together, the more electricity it can produce.
To completely relay on solar energy for home use will increase the cost of solar plane; way to high. The amount of money that involves in making big enough solar panel to produce energy for house is huge and this is the basic cause of its adoption on mass scale However, if once it is installed, the maintenance cost isn’t all that high and it can go until 25 years.

2.       Wind Energy: Wind power is very affordable and efficient mean to generate energy as it is pollution free and cost competitive method. In recent years this type of energy generation is growing widely as in 2010, about 2900 wind turbines were installed in US only. Use of wind power has added 20% to total energy produces annually, as it is giving more than 238,000 MW each year. This type is widely used to generate electricity in Asia, Europe and US. The only limitation that is associated with wind energy is its place of installation. Wind turbines can only be installed on offshore areas, where wind is constantly blowing.  These fast blowing air, makes wings of turbine to move, which in results produce energy.

3.       Biogas Energy: Energy from biogas is generated from animal manure, this is very cheap and easy way to generate energy and it give ease to farmers to produce their own electricity with their personal resources from their own farms. This energy is produced when bacteria decompose manure an aerobically into gas mixture. This mixture generates heat and electricity and throws the waste away to use it for other purposes.

4.       Natural Gas: A very cheap but not environment friendly way to get energy is with natural gases. Natural gas is mixture of methane, with other hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide that occur naturally and turned in hydrocarbon gas. This gas is found underneath natural rock formations and it took period of hundred years in process of biogenic and thermo-genic which turns plants and animals fossils into gas and other natural resources.  We today use this gas to cook food, run vehicles and in industrial sector as well. This gas is widely used to produce energy in some countries.

5.       Coal: Coal is another non-renewable source of energy and is also very cheap as it is a natural resource. Coal is a combustible black or brownish color rock in form of layers called coal beds. This rock is composed of carbon and hydrocarbon elements and is most abundant fossil fuel produced in the world. The only way to get energy from coal is burning it, but in this ways carbon dioxide is released in huge amount which is polluting environment badly. It be may be very easy source of energy but environment pays heavy price for it.

Note : To be honest, choosing one cheapest energy source from given 5 is not easy task. It may be cheapest in one region of world and may cost a lot more in other.

These are top 5  energy sources which are considered cheapest in the world. But remember nothing comes free. Therefore, each and every source has its own price attach to it. Solar energy is best source of energy but it has huge upfront cost. Wind energy has limitation for having it on offshore areas for producing energy. It just can’t work in cities without beaches and seas. In same way, natural gas and coal sources are available colossally in the world, but it dents environment safety fairly badly.

When ever we choose any alternative sources of energy either being government authority, individual or industrialist, from non renewable or renewable energy source, we need to make sure to choose that source for which we and our mother earth have to pay less.

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