Difference Between CV and Resume

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This guide is interesting one. It is written to mention difference between CV and Resume. What makes a document CV and what is necessary to write in resume. When you should write CV and what you shouldn’t. Let’s read and find out what you should know before applying a job.

Difference between CV and Resume

We are always in search for better and secure job all the time in our respective fields and for that, the first step is to present our Resumes or CV’s. This step is usually make or break for the applied job. Almost every candidate is sorted by going through their experience and skills mentioned on CV or Resumes. It is also keenly observed how these details are mentioned on document.

Before start,  the most important point to consider is to whether submit CV or resume for applied job. We will write another guide on how to write effective resume for the purpose.  We will just focus on curriculum vitae vs resume in this guide.

Let me start with few details on CV and Resumes Individually and later I will compile difference between CV and Resume.

What is CV?

difference between resume and cv

Curriculum vitae – CV is a comprehensive document containing outline about educational background, that is your degrees you hold, year you completed them including information of institutes. It should also include your achievements in any given field with certification details, your publications, researches, awards and other important information about skills that you hold.

CV should be consists of at least two pages of A 4 standard page size.  Believe it not, CV’s are written differently in different countries. For example, In United Kingdom and Ireland, CV should not be of more than two standard size pages, therefore, just containing overview of history of jobs of employee, summary of educational background with personal details,

Whereas, in USA and Canada, comprehensive CV is written for just academic based jobs and for medical career.

What is Resume?

A Resume is concise document containing brief information about experience in respective field or position and skills employee holds, with name of employee and contact information. Resumes are not supposed to be more than one A 4 standard page size. It is normally presented with cover later.  A resumes are widely written in United States when compared to CV’s. It is required to re write resume every time for applying new job mentioning appropriate job experience and skill details.

CV vs Resume

I am most certain, that after reading useful details above you must have figured curriculum vitae vs resume by now. The major difference in them is the length of Resume and CV.  A resume is short document with basic skills and educational background and experience written in one page.

And Curriculum vitae – CV is long and detailed document containing personal information, education background, awards, skills and publications etc. CV should be at least two pages document.

Let me breakup the differences between resume and CV so that it stays in your mind.

  1. A CV is detailed document containing summary of your educational background, job experiences, awards earned, certifications , publications and your complete personal information including contact details.
  2. A resume on the other hand is one page document mentioning just your specific job experience and skills with just your name and contact information.
  3. A resume should not be more than one page whereas, CV must be at least written in two pages.
  4. In USA, more resumes are written than CVs
  5. Resume is presented with Cover letter.
  6. A resume is written and updated every time employee applies for new job.
  7. A CV is lifelong document which updates as experience grows.
  8. A CV contain experiences of all jobs done by employee in past, where as resume is written for specific job employee is applying for.


Here was the guide which must have made you clear what is resume and what is CV. Leave comments if you have any questions and thoughts.

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