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We have researched and listed top 10 future technology predictions which may or may not come true in our life times. Growth in technology industry is lightening fast and there may be no reason that below listed predicted technologies couldn’t become reality at some point in time. let’s read the article below the know the future of technology.

10 Future technology predictions

Each year, technology analysts unleash their opinions and predictions concerning what the globe would be like within the next few years. No, don’t get me wrong! These analysts aren’t astrologists. They simply opine what they feel, by judging the ongoing advancements in the world of technology. It is not necessary in the least each one of these predictions must be true. Several of these prophecies are invalidated in due course of time. However, people never get bored hearing now and then about them. Let’s share a number of the future technology predictions associated with science and technology I’ve encountered. Or broader for vision ‘future of technology’

future of technology

1. Neuroscientists may soon be able to predict your actions well before you even perform them.

Neuroscientists are attempting to devise methods to read people’s minds using machines. Decades have been passed since researching in this regard. Although this is a positive facet for curing psychological patients but it’s also somewhat frightening for many others that digital gadgets would be able to trespass our thoughts.

2. By 2015, there will be approximately 775 billion pages of online content.

To date, there are approximately 4.12 billion indexed Web pages over Internet. With easy Web development, blogging and social media on the loose, the graph of daily Web pages created is increasing by a large number. It is expected to rise more in the future.

3.  Planet-to-planet transportation will be a common matter.

Instead of travelling from one city (or country) to another, critics and scientists predict that travelling within planets of the Solar System would be a norm in the future. Space-travelling is not a new phenomenon, with NASA continuously sending satellites and astronauts for research work in space. Soon, everyone would be seen buying tickets to fly away to Jupiter or Mars!. This one inpurticular is my favorite of all advancements in future of technology.

4.  The first Quantum-controlled computer will be available in the market by 2020.

For those of you who don’t know what is quantum technology, it is the phenomenon that a machine can do tasks without consisting of any complex hardware, along with the ability to move itself by using light or sound. It merges science and technology into something that isn’t mere experimentation, but has enormous implications because it works and may someday power the computer and communication devices we use every day. Research in quantum technology is still under progress.

5. There will be an automated bridge-repairing system.

The latest research done in the University of Michigan reveals that soon, bridges will have an automated repairing system. It would use a special type of concrete. As soon as damage is detected in the bridge, the layer of concrete would be applied on the required area to mend it.

6. Driving activities will be automated and the ratio of road accidents will decrease significantly.

Cars will be able to connect and interact with traffic lights, other vehicles on the road, warning signs, street lights and satellites. This will make them less prone to accidents. There will be no need of a car-driver. Automated system of driving would be installed in the vehicles. Those sitting in the car would be just like the passengers in a local bus. Google is already working on it and there has been successful experimentation for self driving . Here you can find more details on Google self driving project 

7. The size of supercomputers will reduce to ice cubes.

With innovators and tech geeks busy as ever to bring out the latest easy-to-handle gadgets in the market, soon you would observe super computer the size of small ice cubes. Surprising it may seem, but it’s true! Bear in mind that super computers are world’s largest computers which are used for very special purpose tasks.

8. Vaccines will be made to cure drug addiction.

Hundreds and thousands of vaccines have been invented to remedy illnesses and epidemics. Now, the scientists thought to use them against drug addiction. This idea works well for mice. Research is in progress to implement this concept for humans too.

9. Robotics will be involved everywhere.

Advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will include robotics in our daily lives like a norm. From cleaning our homes, cooking our favorite food to care taking our kids, robots will be everywhere.

10. By 2050, there will be more mobile phones than humans on the planet.

Digital progress rapidly going on, it has been predicted that the number of mobile phones will soon outnumber the total Earth’s population. Each person will own several cell phones and similar other devices, thus proving telecommunication to be a big industrial boom.


These were only the 10 most anticipated future technology predictions.  There are many other predictions in technology that are on horizon. The pace at which technology is growing is there is no reason why such and other unbelievable technology predictions can’t become reality some day. Growth in technology industry is amazing and scary at the same time.  I sincerely hope that future of technology is as bring as it looks today and may it be successful in benefiting the mankind.
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