Google glass is too Hollywoody for real life?

19 June 2013 ~ 1 Comment


This guide is about Google Glasses and threats it may hold. Why innovative technology such as Google Glasses, by one of the world’s leading technology company “GOOGLE” can be security threat to public.? What might be the potential risks by releasing it general public.

Is Google Glass worth it?

As much Google amazes me with its innovative technologies, it amazed me more when I first heard about Google Glasses couple years ago. It was exciting news about exciting gadget by one of the top company in the globe. I am still very enthusiastic about this ‘wearable technology’ and I am sure most of you are as keen about it.

I am certain; you’ll all agree that Google again manages to introduce a product that has a potential of mass consumer market. But I have my security reservations with it. That is the reason I decided to write article about Google glass and security issues.

Since Google announced ‘Google glasses’ two years ago, it gives people like me enough time to think about implications of the product. As much it excited people, it raises lots of red flag in minds. The biggest flag that was raised is “PRIVACY”. The idea of having camera connected to glasses stick to head rings alarming bells in many minds.

Having said that, Google does not have spotless track record in recent times.  Fine of 22.5 million $ was paid by Google an alleged privacy breach. Here is the “ FTC Fine for Google “ story if you are interested to read. And then just couple weeks from today, it was about PRISM – Google’s servers are open for US government.

These are kind of mistakes which Google might have to pay for when Glasses are available for public. People are smart and they do remember. I have read lots of stories over the internet where Google glasses privacy issues are discussed – so it is safe to say that it’s not only me who is skeptical, there are many people showing their concerns.

The more discourage thing for Google is even local business – ‘A bar in Seattle’ have completely banned Google glasses within their premises and said it is potential risk of privacy of people and threat to freedom. In fact Google also banned their glasses in shareholder meeting and no one is allowed to use it during the time.  And not to mention a event took place in France; when man developed his is very own personalized Google glasses look alike glasses, with camera mounted on it was beaten badly in McDonalds.

These are few events which were reported world, prior the official launch product to public. I don’t need to say a word on it; you can make assumptions where Google glasses may lead to in future.

Potential of mass market

Google is not the only company to develop wearable electronic glasses; there are other manufactures who introduced this wearable technology earlier than Google. But interestingly, development of such glasses from Google and other companies is that it represents a huge potential of Mobile technology that could replace smart phones in future. In exact same way, when smart phones replaced by older phones which had nothing much to offered in them. This risk of adoption of such technology by mass potential market raises far more serious threats of privacy of public. It is going to be constant surveillance camera looking eyeing at us all the time without us knowing it.

Now the question is if Google glasses and other manufacturers of such products can really prevail into market, now that potential risks are so obvious. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Functionality of Google glasses

As much as we heard about Google glasses and similar products, functionality offered is very limited. It is nothing else but fancy glasses, with built in camera which can take pictures, record videos , get directions from inbuilt maps with GPS, notifications of messages and emails from smart phone.  Having said so; it is fair to assume its potential market might be limited to very small group of people crazy about latest technology gadgets. It may not be able to fascinate general public in the beginning.

Note: This is how it looks when we wear Google glasses

view from google glass

However during the time manufactures will introduce products with better and innovative functionalists and more applications. And its application integrated with other technologies may be come in future to make it much more practical. For example, glasses might be able to turn into your own TV where you can enjoy movies and sports. It may be able to connect to gaming consoles etc. But for that we will have to wait and see how general public respond to it.

There is another point of view to look at it. What’s the general public take on wearable technology gadgets such as Google glass? Having your smart phone in your pocket and laptops / tablets in your hands but weird looking glasses stuck on your head is different ball game all together. It may be fine to wear it if everyone else is wearing it but you will feel conscious if it’s just you wearing it, sitting in group of people.

Note: Here is interesting and funny video roaming over Youtube which i though should spicy up your reading here.

My take on it

My take on Google glasses is very clear in my head. If its price is reasonable I will buy it, regardless what others might think. But I will make sure I avoid situation where I can raise some fingers at me and hopefully not get beaten like dude in McDonald’s. I will restrict its usage in public places where I can prevail into security of general public without me knowing it. What is heard about Google glasses initially that it is going to cost about 1500$, which is to me on bit higher end considering what it is worth and risks associated with it.


You have read all the points of concerns above. Every one may have different take on it. But as technology savvy, I cannot stop myself admitting that it is one of the fascinating technologies going to be introduced in our generation. It may change the world as we know it considering the potential of its applications.

As far its privacy factor is concern, it may destroy the entire charm and future of it. It has started to get banned in local business already, what if it gets banned completely by authorities to help respecting privacy of everyone. It may just get limited to security agencies like we see and in action pack movies.

What is the future of Google glasses is quite unknown until its public release.  I sincerely hope it does wonders as piece of technology itself, and not disturb any ones privacy. It is fascinating technology and as technology lover I want to use it without any fear.


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One comment on “Google glass is too Hollywoody for real life?

  1. john on said:

    Well well. Interesting insight.i never thought of security issues earlier. Now i will have to see if i want to purchase Google Glasses once they rre launched. Thanks

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