Top 4 Best Hybrid Laptops

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Hybrid laptop – Latest form of computing device derived from laptop and tablet. This guide will describe what is hybrid laptop tablet and why they seems to be invented.

What is Hybrid Laptop ?

Hybrid laptop is latest type of laptop which is mixture of laptop and tablet. It includes standard features of any ordinary laptop with included feature of Tablet ‘ The touch screen’. Hybrid laptops are introduced by laptop manufacturers in fear of tables taking over the market and throw them of business all together. Therefore, they came up with combination of both features of laptop and tablet.  Here is my another post in the same context Will tablets replace laptops ?

Top 4 Best Hybrid Laptops 2013

Hybrid laptop

Like laptop computers which took over Personal computers it was being feared for quite some time that tablets will take over the laptop in near future. But computer manufacturers are trying their best to prove this prediction wrong by coming up with innovative computers with multiple interfaces, like the hybrid laptop. A hybrid laptop is pretty much similar to a conventional laptop computer but with an added feature, which is a touch sensitive screen.  Although a hybrid laptop doesn’t feel much like a tablet because of its size but most of them coming up in the market with sleek and slim design don’t bother you much. Hybrids Laptops are also called Convertible laptops. Here we have prepared a list of convertible laptops which you will find interring to know about. All the machines discussed below have standard features of laptop like RAM, graphics, processor, we will be emphasizing on the design.

List of top 4 hybrid laptop tablets of year 2013

 1.HP Elitebook Revolve 810

HP-EliteBook-Revolve-810 hybrid laptop

Powered by Windows 8 touch enabled Hp Elitebook Revolve 810 is designed to act like a tablet. You can twist its display to 180 degree or make it lay flat on the keyboard to act like a tablet. As its name indicates its price is a little bit too high for an ordinary costumer, so critics have termed it as machine designed for enterprise users. With its strong structural design this laptop comes close to meet the military standards for its rugged design. So Elitebook is a little bit expensive but a laptop beautifully disguised as a tablet.


 2  Acer Aspire R7

Acer Aspire R7 hybrid laptop

When compared to other hybrids in the market, the Aspire r7 has not much to boost. What make this laptop stand out amongst its competitors is its innovative hinges. The hinge of Aspire has been designed in such a way that a user can adjust the screen any convenient way. The other design feature which makes this hybrid different from others is the location of its touch pad which instead of being below the keyboard is close to the screen. This makes it harder for the user to use the touch pad and has attracted a lot of criticism, but the designers believe this design will encourage the user to use the touch enables screen.

 3. DELL XPS 12

DELL XPS 12 hybrid laptop

Unlike many other manufactures who take a tablet-centric approach for their hybrids the XPS 12 has made no compromise in its laptop thingy in favor of a tablet like design. But still this hybrid doesn’t lose its charm as a hybrid with innovative features. Its screen is capable of rotating itself to 180 degree or laying straight on the keyboard to become a tablet. Like many of the hybrids coming in the market these days this machine is also powered by Windows 7.

 4. Sony VAIO Duo 13

Sony VAIO Duo 13 hybrid laptop

In VAIO Duo 13 innovation comes with the slider screen design. The screen of this hybrid can slide to reveal the keyboard when in laptop mode or slide to lay over the keyboard when in tablet mode. The other feature which makes it stand out amongst its competitors is its powerful 4th gen Intel “Haswell” processor, no other hybrid has luxury of such power. With all its power innovative design VAIO Duo 13 still caught the eye of critics because of its input devices. It is said that the keyboard has buttons which are small and size and make typing difficult. For the touchpad its said that it’s a little too small and too sensitive.

So you buy these hybrid laptops or not but are soon taking over the market for a couple of years to come because all this innovation being poured into them.




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