Top 9 Differences Between iOS 6 & iOS 7 – iOS 6 VS iOS 7

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iOS 7 is the most advanced  mobile operating system ever introduced to our smart phones.  You can anticipate its success from the fact that millions of iPhone users updated to iOS 7 in 24 hrs the day when it was announced and available to download.  We are discussing top 9 differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7 in this guide.

iOS 6 vs iOS 7

iOS 7 is considered as biggest achievement made by Apple in world of operating systems. This new  ‘iOS 7′ promises to deliver better results than previous generations and is ready to give tough competition to those who think iOS 6 is better than iOS 7. To prove here we are making a comparison among these OS on basis of features. Lets read differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7 feature wise.

ios 6 vs ios 7

9 Differences iOS 6 and iOS 7


Here is the list of 9 major differences of iOS 7 which are improved upon iOS 7

1. 64 Bit Operating System:


i os 7 64 bit oS

iOS 7 is first 64 bit  mobile operating system ever introduced. All other previous OS’s from Apple and other companies have been 32 bit OS. This is the by far the biggest difference of having iOS 7 on your iPhone 5s. iOS 7 having 64 bit OS gives a lot more fast processing speed and helps increasing multi-tasking without making your phone slow. Al though advantage of iOS 7 with 64 bit can only be enjoyed on latest iPhone 5S and no previous models. A7 chip is installed in iPhone 5s which supports 64 bit OS. iO7 will not support 64 bit processing on any other phone by Apple, but it can be installed and used flawlessly.
iOS 6 or any other previous iOS were developed with 32 bit.

2. Lock screen:


ios 7 lock screen

iOS 7
has arrived with a new interface which is brighter, bolder and dramatic looking as compared to previous OS. It gives flat look to your device and we can see this from comparing lock screens. Lock screen has arrived with parallax effects which allow you to move your wallpaper with just a touch. To unlock the device and access camera app and notifications etc iOS 6 provided two swipe able bits but with iOS 7 you got four bits.

3. Icons:


screen shot of icons of ios 7

One of the noticeable features of iOS 7 is changed icons. Apple has given a cartoon look to icons and they look completely different from previously used icons. Reflectivity of icons has been removed and abstract design is used with them. In this way the 3D look is removed and new icons are available in 2D appearance. Besides this apps run faster and smother and there is lesser risk of apps crash.

4. User interface:

ios 7 user interface compared to ios 6

User interface of new OS is flatter as compared to iOS 6. This simplified interface delivers faster performance then earlier generations. When screen by screen comparison is made between different apps then we can find that almost same amount of data is displayed on both OS. Little difference can be monitored on status bars or notification bars etc.

5. Control Center:


iOS 7 control center


iOS users are demanding access to control center from ages so that they can easily access features like Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock etc. at last with arrival of iOS 7 their wish come true and now they can enjoy benefits of this feature. This feature was not part of iOS 6 or earlier OS therefore we cannot compare these two OS on basis of this feature.

6. Multitasking:


multitasking in ios7

Multitasking is not something new added with iOS 7; users were enjoying this feature with iOS 6 as well but with little discomforts. To invoke multitasking view in iOS 6 users need to quit apps forcefully by double-tapping the home button but with iOS 7 users just need to swipe apps upward to quit them. In this way access to apps is easier and faster.

7. Camera and Photos:


ios 7 camera

New camera and photo app is introduced with iOS 7. New redesigned app offers four different modes for shooting images including video, photo, square and Pano. Besides this photo app is also new and attractive as it sorts images on basis of date and location. It makes searching images much easier and faster than earlier. This feature was not part of iOS 6.

8. App Control:


application control in ios 7

To give tough competition to Android, Apple has improved ability of its apps. To check all running apps in one window users just need to double click on home button. In this way a list of all apps with scrolls that allows you to kill unfavorable apps. This list is combination of icons with app screens and by pressing the home button again you can disappear it.

9. Notifications:

notification center of ios 7

A major revamp is made in this section as now you can swipe to three different directions to check notifications and get updates. This notification bar not only gives details about app updates, messages and voice calls but also let you check your schedule and many other things.


When we compare iOS 6 with iOS 7 we see huge improved in many areas. iOS 7 has completely revolutionized not only iOS but other competitive mobile OS market. Producing 64 Bit iOS is by far the stand point which puts iOS 7 in lead in mobile market with some margin.

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